Sunday morning

A whole long weekend to myself. It feels long overdue. Yesterday Molly and I went for a showshoe in the woods near the cottage and had a great time. Today we’ll take a different trail and do the same thing.

I have an abundance of eggs these days. I generally get half a dozen delivered each week from Pam and Ken. Last week I got extra and I haven’t caught up yet. I decided that a batch of hollandaise would be a great solution. I whisked 2 eggs yolks with the juice of half a lemon, a bit of dijon, and a couple of drops of water in a double boiler. I added melted butter by drips and continued whisking until it was smooth and cooked.

While I was doing that I poached a couple of eggs, toasted some of those frozen hash brown patties (don’t judge), and cooked up a few slices of the bacon I made ĺast month.

So good. Bil-style eggs benedict.

Pam and I are in full planning mode for our trip to Scotland in May. We arrive in Glasgow and will stay there for the first night before heading to Edinburgh for a long weekend. After that we’ll tour up through the Highlands and spend a couple of nights on Skye. Then we have 3 unplanned days. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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