Monthly Archives: February 2018

Sunday morning

A whole long weekend to myself. It feels long overdue. Yesterday Molly and I went for a showshoe in the woods near the cottage and had a great time. Today we’ll take a different trail and do the same thing.

I have an abundance of eggs these days. I generally get half a dozen delivered each week from Pam and Ken. Last week I got extra and I haven’t caught up yet. I decided that a batch of hollandaise would be a great solution. I whisked 2 eggs yolks with the juice of half a lemon, a bit of dijon, and a couple of drops of water in a double boiler. I added melted butter by drips and continued whisking until it was smooth and cooked.

While I was doing that I poached a couple of eggs, toasted some of those frozen hash brown patties (don’t judge), and cooked up a few slices of the bacon I made ─║ast month.

So good. Bil-style eggs benedict.

Pam and I are in full planning mode for our trip to Scotland in May. We arrive in Glasgow and will stay there for the first night before heading to Edinburgh for a long weekend. After that we’ll tour up through the Highlands and spend a couple of nights on Skye. Then we have 3 unplanned days. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Lots of company

Last weekend Katherine visited from Saskatoon. We went snowshoeing in the woods, walking on the lake, skating on the Rideau Canal, and tobogganing on the local hill. So much fun.

I don’t think I’ve been on a toboggan in 30 years. It was a blast. I don’t think I’ll wait another 30 years to go again.

She hopes to make the winter visit a regular thing.

This weekend my friend Petr from Kitchener is visiting. We had a nice shoe shoe in the woods near the cottage yesterday followed by a walk on the lake.

Molly approves.