A busy winter week of food and whatnot.

I spent last weekend butchering some pigs. In total we did two full pigs and it took most of the weekend. My portion was a half of one, about a hundred pounds. My freezer is stuffed full of sausages, ground meat, chops, stew meat, and roasts. I have bacon in a dry cure waiting to be smoked, back fat and leaf fat portioned and frozen and many jars of stock. Abundance!

On Monday evening I had a board meeting. We also had a snow and freezing rain ‘event.’ The reward for the board members that made it out was a roast chicken dinner and 2 kinds of chocolate for dessert.

The Lions are hosting a Robbie Burns night this weekend, complete with haggis and bag pipes. Sadly I’ll miss it because I’ll be out of town on a spinning weekend with some friends. I did however volunteer to make the stew for the Burns dinner. 120 portions in all, about 40 litres. That’s a LOT of stew and it was a lot of fun doing it 🙂 Kitchen time continues to be the perfect antidote to long full work days.

I also offered to make a ‘Sheppard’s’ pie for my retreat weekend. It’s more of a mooseherd’s pie though, made with moose meat instead of sheep. I live in rural Renfrew County, what would you expect! And in the spirit of using what’s in front of me, there are yummy sweet potatoes in the mash.

I managed to squeeze in time to ply up and wash the first skein of yarn for my 2018 resolution sweater. I look forward to doing test swatches this weekend.

And more big cooking events are on the horizon. Next week I’ll make pulled pork for a Lions dinner. We expect about 60 people to show. Then on the weekend I’ll be in the kitchen cooking a Lions pancake breakfast for about 70 people. And the weekend after that I’ll be making spaghetti sauce for 120 people for the Kids Book Festival fundraiser. Lots of fun. I also picked up 4 volunteer bartending shifts at the Lions Hall in the next couple of weeks and I have lots of company coming, Katherine next week amd Petr the week after that. A full winter for sure and it’s still on January!

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