Monthly Archives: October 2017

Garden Chores

I haven’t written much about my garden this year, mainly because it was a big weedy out of control mess for much of the season. I was so busy in June and July that I couldn’t keep ahead of the weeds. There’s my confession. Judge if you want. I still got a bunch of food out of it.

I spent this morning putting the garden to bed for the winter. I spent about 2 hours with the rototiller, turning over the soil and expanding it a little. It now measures 20 X 27 feet. Then I planted the garlic in the main garden rather than at the back of the garage. I planted about 100 this year. 

After the garlic was planted I mulched with straw. It was a bonus to find nice clean seed-free straw for sale. The past few years I’ve used hay out of necessity and that always leads to weeds for me. Five bales covered the bed and another bale on the bed at the back of the garage. Next year I plan to plant my tomatoes up there. It’s good to move things around.

The pile of green in the bottom right corner of the pic is Brussels sprouts,  still on the stem. Once I took them off and cleaned them I had about 4 litres of sprouts. They should last a while.  This clump of green still in the garden are my prolific kale plants. I’ll be eating it for another month or so I hope.

Molly seems quite pleased that I’ve made her a cushy bed where the garlic used to live. 

Jerusalem artichokes waiting to be harvested

And now I  can start to plan next year’s garden. And I  promise myself that I will do a better job of weed control.