Monthly Archives: June 2017


It certainly wasn’t my first time. And I really didn’t know if it would stick or not. But I was so ready. I was 41 and I  could hardly breathe anymore.

Ten years ago today,  June 16, 2007 I smoked my last cigarette. I’m pretty sure I’ll never have another one but I still can’t let my guard down. Tomorrow will be day 3654. 


First swim – June 7th 2017


I think this is the latest ‘first swim’ in a long time. Usually I’m in the lake in May. This has been an unusual year. I’m still needing to light a wee fire almost every day to take the chill off. I think we’ve turned the corner on that now. Hopefully.

My garden is planted. Finally.

Bigger than it’s been in the past by about 150 square feet and still I can’t fit everything in. The new crop for this year is corn. I look forward to seeing how I do with that. And I’m already planning on how I can make my garden even bigger next year 🙂 

And a wee shout out to my long time friend Greg whose life changed in a big way 30 years ago. Happy anniversary bud. What a great impact you’ve had on all of us.

The cycle repeats.