Five minutes old!

It’s lambing season out at Alder Creek Farm and this little girl is 5 minutes old. Sadly I missed the birth of her and her twin as I drove up the laneway but is was a pretty cool experience none-the-less. 

Kim and Gary have a mixed flock, mostly Dorset and  Cheviot with some Romney and a few Shetland. 

The gestation period is a little more than 150 days and today at about day 157, these ladies are ready to pop! Over the past few days there have been about 18 births, more twins than expected, and they are expecting another 25 or so shortly. They have their hands full. 

Kim is in her element out in the barn and I think she’d give up her day job in a heartbeat if our society  figured out how to fairly compensate our farmers, but thats a totally different rant for another day. 🙂 

It’s hard not to instantly fall in love with these critters. The ones in the picture above are about 5 days old and growing cuter and more lamby every day. Having been a customer of Alder Creek since I moved here 4 years ago, I am completely aware that these animals are being raised to become food, perhaps my food. I’m ok with that. In fact it makes me happy to know that these lambs have a great life living on a farm that I’d like to live on, given the chance, and grazing in a pasture outdoors that’s second to none. They even get to escape from time to time and be mischievous when they find a hole in the fence. Much better than any of that factory farmed meat that is ubiquitous.

I asked if they gave any warning when they were about to give birth and kim said that she knows somethings up if they don’t eat. Apparently nothing puts a ewe off her feed except impending labour. 

It seems these ladies aren’t quite ready to deliver.

These are the Shetland sheep. It never ceases to amaze me what one can find on kijiji! Kim’s still getting to know them so they are off in a different barn. I called dibbs on the wool when they are shorn. Who knows what adventures that might ĺead to.

Happy farmers. Happy critters. Happy life. 


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