Egg Curry Surprise

I had a craving for egg curry so when I got home from work I pulled stack of Indian cookbooks off the shelf and started flipping through them. 

I landed on a recipe for ‘Bombay Curry’ in Niloufer’s book.  Not at all like the tomato based egg curry I generally make. And I made a lot of additions and modifications along the way.  For this one I browned onions with curry leaves and added a spice paste that I made with cumin coriander chilies ginger garlic and hazelnuts. 

I added a can of coconut milk and some water and simmered for a bit then added a few potatoes cut into chunks. In all it cooked for about and hour until the sauce was thick and the oil floated on top. I added tamarind and some hard cooked eggs and let it heat through. To finish it off I made a tempering with cumin, fenugreek, and mustard seeds with chili flakes and poured it on top.

Nothing like I’d had before. So good. I served it with rice and had seconds. 

I took the opportunity to email a long lost friend from my Kitchener days. Egg curry was always a favourite of hers. We had a little catch up and swapped garden stories.  I have fond thoughts of my time in Kitchener and I do miss many friends I had there but this is, without a doubt my home here in Killaloe.


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