Kimchi is a traditional Korean vegetable side dish / condiment thats typically eaten with every meal in Korea. There are countless variations with different types of vegetables and flavouring. I chose to make baechu kimchi – a traditional cabbage kimchi.

I started by chopping up 2 large heads of savoy cabbage that I picked up from Joanne at the market and coating them in salt to draw out the water. While they were doing their thing I made a kind of porridge out of glutinous rice flour and water with a little honey. 

Once the porridge cooled I put in the food processor and added half a cup of garlic, some diced onion and chopped up ginger, some fish sauce and a LOT of gochugaru – a Korean chili powder and wizzed it all up.

Next I added some veg – leeks, green onions, and carrots and then to all of that I added the well-rinsed cabbage.

I packed it tightly into 3 mason jars and put the lids on loosely.  They will ferment on the counter for a few days and then I’ll store them in the fridge.

There was a some left that I ate as a salad with my dinner.  

This is like sauerkraut with a whole lot of character. I can only imagine how good it will be after it ferments for a while and develops some depth of flavour. Yumm.

Rest in peace Carol, Anastasia, and Natalie. 


One response to “Kimchi

  1. My mouth is watering. i made some years ago, with your assistance about where to buy the Korean chili powder. Fermented it in Grandmas stone crock. SOOOO good. Paul S

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