A great weekend.

My birthday dinner was pretty special. I had the opportunity to try my new fishing rod (happy birthday to me) the other day and first time out it caught a bunch of perch and some nice sized bass.

Perch tacos sounded like the right thing. I pan fried the fish in clarified butter,  heated up a stack of corn tortillas and put out a bunch of simple toppings.  They were so good.

For dessert I made a wild blackberry galette. Jerry and Ann had shown up at the market with mounds of fresh picked berries and I bought a 3 quart basket.

The bass became beer battered fish and chips for Saturday lunch. It was a really simple batter with beer (ipa)  baking soda,  flour, and honey and it turned out really crispy. 

Saturday dinner was another totally local feast with pork chops and a pile of veg from my garden and the market. I made a blackberry pie. 

Sunday morning I picked up a few friends and we went to an Alpaca farm and store near Renfrew. The gracious host spent nearly 2 hours with us talking passionately about her animals and their fleece. Such a cool experience. 

I came away with one bag of roving and a skein of mid-weight yarn and a connection to a local Lanark County mill that I could potentially send fleeces to get roving made.

Overall a great weekend.


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