Market + Kitchen = Perfect Saturday 

Jerry and Ann live and farm out on Centreview Road and sell their produce at the Barry’s Bay market. In season they pick loads of wild berries. This week it was blackberries and I feasted! I bought 3 quarts, ate one right away and turned the rest into jam.

It’s also peach season. I picked up a couple of baskets, ate some, baked a pie (mmmmmm), and made a batch of jam.

Joanne grows the best little pickling cucumbers and I picked up another basket of them at the Combermere market. They became another batch of lacto-fermented honey garlic dills. 

I made a batch last week as well. Because the cucs are sliced, they fermented quickly and were ready to eat in a few days.  (We ate a jar already.)

And this cantaloupe is likely the sweetest and juiciest I’ve ever tasted. Linda has an acre devoted to squash and these cantaloupes were volunteers (i.e. just ‘weeds’ that grew among the squash she planted.) So good.

So the count for the weekend: 4 jars of blackberry jam, 7 jars of peach jam, 4 litres of honey garlic dills, and a peach pie.  And we had a feast of a dinner with garlic-pepper sausages from Helenka, real baby carrots from Joanne, flat yellow ‘romano’ beans from Chris, and corn from David. I love this time of year and I love being on a first name basis with all of my farmers.

Another great weekend at the cottage.


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