The vacation project

For my vacation I decided to take on a dye-blend-spin-knit project. Originally I had hoped to make socks but the finished yarn was a little heavy for socks so I made a scarf instead.

I started by weighing the fibres. 75% wool (bluefaced leicester) 20% nylon and 5% silk. I chose to dye each fibre a different colour. The silk is straight-up cyan, the nylon magenta and the wool I dyed purple by mixing cyan and magenta in the dye pot. 

I used food colour as dye and vinegar helped the fibre absorb it. After 20 minutes or so the fibre absorbed all the dye and the water was clear.

I used a drum carder to blend the fibres and make a batt that I could spin.

I spun it all and then made a 2-ply yarn by twisting 2 strands together in the opposite direction from the way they were spun.

The consistency of my spinning continues to improve.  I have a long way to go yet but I can spin well enough that I want to knit the results. 

The garter stitch design gives it good texture and shows off the verigated yarn and the silk and nylon make it incredibly soft.

My next project will be to start working my way through some of the fibre I have in my stash. I picked up lots of bits and pieces during my course and every time I see Lois she generously donates more to the pile. I don’t think I have enough of any one thing to knit a project but it will be good practise and I can always use it all up knitting another  pinwheel sampler blanket or maybe a hat and mitts. The more miles I put on the wheel the better my end product will be.


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