Well that was a vacation!

Today is my last day of what has been a great vacation at the cottage.  Lots of family and friends and relaxation. It kicked off with an evening of fishing with my new friend Barry (K not C) and a few good feeds of fish. Next up was the Kamaniskeg Regatta and a family party to celebrate our 50th anniversary at the lake.

On the first weekend my friend John visited from Kitchener and on the last weekend my friend Jay and his son Max visited from Ottawa. Max is a born athlete and at 9 years old was able to get up skiing on his first try without help. He skied 4 more times after that until his arms were jelly and was crossing the wake back and forth with ease.

On the weekend in the middle my cousin came up with his family and that was lots of fun! Fishing, tubing, skiing and swimming for 5 days straight! We were all exhausted by the end.

We had lots of feasts of mostly local food and it was great. I took the opportunity to try some new recipes and cooking methods that will likely end up here in a future post. I think the best new dish was kkanpunggi – Korean style spicy garlic fried chicken. Ìt was out of this world. 

I did a fibre project. Dye, blend, spin, knit. I’m not quite finished yet but I guarantee it won’t take me year. I’ll post it when im finished along with a post about other spinning projects.

I’m still eating broccoli from my garden every day and now I’ve added zucchini to the daily routine. 

And of course I made some pickles and some relish. Canning season begins in earnest now so lots more to come for sure.

Back to work for me tomorrow. It feels like I’ve had a real vacation. I haven’t checked my work email or checked in for 2 weeks now and that feels great.  Molly will stay at the cottage hugging the trees and guarding the squirrels while I try to ease myself back into work life. 


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