Tina Louise and lobster!!!

The stars aligned this past week. My dear dear friend Valentina called to say that she and her man Henroy planned to be in the area and wanted to visit. Awesome. We planned for a 24 hour visit from Saturday afternoon to Sunday. 
The next day, a woman I work with said that her sister was coming in from Halifax on Saturday morning and bringing lobster. A box holds a dozen beasties  Nancy only needed 4 so I got 8.

I decided to steam rather than boil them. It took about 15 minutes.  I pulled 3 of them out half way through so  I could finish them on the bbq on Sunday. 

Tina and I made quick work of breaking down the cooked lobsters. We sliced open the tails and cracked the legs and claws with the back of our knives. Totally the rhythm of a kitchen drum circle.  It was perfect.

We had the lobster with some local treats. I made potato salad with some screamingly new potatoes from helinka in combermere. Peas from Chris and peas from Joanne.  Radishes from Jackson.  Cucumbers from Joanne . And a kale and broccoli salad from my garden.  It was a feast.

We accompanied it with a couple of bottles of prosecco and followed it with a campfire by the lake. Pretty much a perfect day.

We were blessed with stunning weather.  The best July can offer. After breakfast on the dock I took Tina and Henroy out for a boat tour of the lake. 

They left for the trek back to kitchener after a salad lunch with all the wee bits lurking in the fridge.

After a wee nap in the hammock I grilled the 3 remaining lobsters and served them to V and M with more salad and a big bowl of boiled new potatoes with garlic and parsely. And a jar of pickled baby beets for Vic.

What a perfect weekend. And only 6 more sleeps until vacation and family party.  🙂


One response to “Tina Louise and lobster!!!

  1. Rose-Anne Boucher

    Wow! My mouth is watering…i could ALMOST taste the lobster! You are one lucky hombre! RA

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