More veggies, more stir fry 

My friend is away this week and she told me to make sure to harvest her garden while she was away. I walked over after work today and picked zucchini peas and beans. I added broccoli from my garden, an onion from the market, and a handful of shrimp that were lurking in my fridge waiting to become dinner. 

At the end I added a couple of spoonfuls of fermented bean and chili sauce and tossed it all together .  It’s a common Chinese condiment made with fermented soy beans and fresh red medium-hot chilies. If you’ve ever ordered ‘black bean’ something at a Chinese restaurant that’s the flavour.

Piled on a mound of basmati rice and eaten outside on my front porch at home while a storm is seeming to blow in.  I continue to be delighted with the meals that the garden keeps suggesting. 

Today it reached 31 in killaloe and tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. Thankfully a weekend at the lake is in my immediate future. And I’ve got a special luxe weekend of food planned with one of my dearest friends. Fun fun. 


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