Stir Fry

That looks like a lot but it’s really just about 3 ounces of cow tenderloin sliced very thinly. It was a wee leftover piece of tail (lol) from a previous project that has been waiting in my freezer for the right thing to come along.

Broccoli so fresh that I didn’t pick it until the rice was cooked and the meat had marinated. I did a pretty basic stir fry.  Garlic ginger onions white wine soy sauce sesame oil and corn starch. Cilantro and parsley went in at the end. Simple and good.

I feel very fortunate to have broccoli in my garden. I hear that it’s prone to bugs but I haven’t had any. And it tastes great. 

Lots more to come for sure. The garden grows by leaps and bounds every day.


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