Spicy Korean Garlic Fried Chicken

I found this recipe on YouTube about a month ago and it’s been calling to me ever since.  Today was the day. Maangchi is a Korean woman living in new York with a great food blog and YouTube channel.  Look her up if you have any interest in Korean food.  It’s great home cooking-type stuff.

I started with 2 of the huge chicken thighs from the chicken I butchered in the fall. Skinned and boned there was 500 grams of meat. I tossed it with egg, potato starch, ginger, soy sauce and pepper.

Next I made an oil infused with onion flowers from my garden, garlic from my friend Karen and chili flakes. I saved the garlic and onion flower for garnish and strained the oil for later.

I deep fried the chicken pieces in a wok for about 5 minutes then let then drain  while I made the sweet and sour sauce.

I used the infused oil to cook onions and some green chilies, then added soy sauce, vinegar, water, and potato starch. 

As a final step I re-fried the Chicken bits to get them extra crispy and tossed them in the sweet and sour sauce with the garlic and onion flowers.

So so good. I had the intention to make a salad but I ended up just eating the chicken and having a beer. Kind of like Korean pub food. I’ll have a salad tomorrow with the leftovers.


One response to “Kkanpunggi

  1. Yummee!
    I would find the Korean beer to accomplish this meal ….

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