A wee garden update


It’s been a difficult year for gardening but things may be turning around.  It was way too hot way too early then it got cold again and then back to hot. And it’s been so so dry. Thankfully we’ve got some rain in the past week so things are picking up.


My greens are great. This is a row of kale, arugula, cilantro, and lettuce.  The arugula has just started to bolt but I likely have a few more weeks yet until I turn the patch over.


The broccoli is doing really well.  All of the plants now are broccoli-ing. There’s nothing quite like broccoli snapped from the plant and eaten where you stand. 

Tomatoes, zucchini,  and eggplants are all in bloom and the cucumber plants are doing great.


Eggplant flowers are a delicate purple shade. I’ll try to get a picture to share.

My garlic didn’t do well at all this year between the leek moth and the draught. And while my asparagus thrives, so do the asparagus beetles. Grr.  I’ve squished more bugs and larvae in the past few weeks than I care to remember.

I’ll get some better pics soon and give an update on my gardens at work.


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