Market day salad, some restraint, and a little rain.

I love having my own garden but  it means I need to practise a lot of restraint at the market. I can’t let myself buy things from vendors if I’m growing it myself.


Today’s lunch is a mix of produce from my garden and from some of my farmer friends. The lettuce, arugula, tatsoi, and kale are from my plot. The cucumbers and dill are from Joanne,  basil from Chris,  tomatoes from David,  radishes from the people in killaloe that I never can remember their name, and eggs from Pam.


It tasted great and the smell of the fresh herbs filled the room.

In other news, we finally got a nice long rain and the gardens are smiling. It’s been so dry and watering with a hose just can’t replace a good rain. And I got to eat my first spear of broccoli from my own garden the other day. 


I’ve never had fresher and the taste was beyond comparison.  

Bring on summer!


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