Mozzarella and ricotta…. and a pizza


After a long break I finally have a milk angel again and a supply of beautiful local cow milk. I decided to celebrate by making some cheese.


Mozzarella is pretty straight forward. Milk  + citric acid + rennet. My first job was to locate rennet but because this is Killaloe and things just magically appear when you need them it wasn’t much of a problem. A woman I know in near Cormac just happened to have some and was happy to have her husband deliver it.  (I love this place!) I heated 4 litres of milk to 90F then added some citric acid and the rennet and let it sit to coagulate.
Then I cut it into squares and scooped it into a colander to drain off some of they whey.


I put the solid mass back into the heated whey to soften it up and then stretched it and formed it into a ball.



It was a great learning experience and not a bad ball of cheese at all. Next time I’ll drain it less and make a softer cheese.  
I reheated the whey to 170F a.d then strained to through muslin to collect the left over curds. 


After adding a little salt I called it ricotta and spread some on a cracker.   So good.  I collected the remaining whey and I’ll likely end up adding to my compost. It’s bright yellow from the colostrum and a little too acidic to water the plants.


My treat was a puff pastry pizza with pesto from the freezer, some roasted cherry tomatoes from the market, some home made tapanade and the 2 cheeses.  Even better than it looks 🙂


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