Spin In with Lois


This past weekend I hosted the Killaloe Fibre Arts Circle for a Spin In with Lois.  Lois went through the 6 year Master Spinner program at Haliburton School of the Arts. She has skill and talent and loves to share them.  She arrived Saturday morning with a mountain of fibre. All shapes, colours and sizes.


We used carders to blend fibre to make batts that we then went on to spin. Not the best pic but the shiny stuff poking through is many colours of silk that will stand out when I spin it.


This is some mixed fibres that I carded, spun and chain plied.  It was my first time chain plying and it was good to have a patient teacher – especially when I pull too hard and the bobbin popped off the flyer and sailed across the floor.

I’ve been spinning a fair bit lately, finally re-energized and ready to get back to the sweater project.


Hopefully I’ll finish spinning this blue fleece in the next couple of weeks and see how much yarn I have. A rustic sweater would he a nice reward.

We had a ‘stand in the kitchen’ type of pot luck lunch. People brought wraps and salsa and cake and salad and chocolate. I made a pot of soup with pig that I butchered, tomatoes I grew, beans I canned, and stock from all those turkeys back at Christmas.  I also put out some of my home made salami and a hunk of local aged cheddar from a farm just over the hill. A great day overall.


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