April snow storms bring May flowers

I knew we weren’t done with winter yet but this is just silly. If the next 24 hours unfolds as predicted we’ll get about 20 cm of April snow. And then more the next day. Fun fun.


March was the usual kind of busy with applications and reports all due in and around a trip to a hot place and an extra long Easter weekend. The one good thing about March is that it always ends in Spring.

Now that I’m back in a grocery buying phase my meals are a lot more green. Last week one day I came home from the store with broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage,  parsley and a tub of yogurt.  None of it was planned but I guess my body knows what it needs.


I’ve also bought fish a couple of times which was a rare treat.  In this case it was for trout pot pie with a biscuit top.

I don’t generally use this space to advertise but after a recent experience I feel compelled. If you’re in the market for a new cell phone provider do yourself a favour and stay away from Virgin Mobile Canada (far far away!!). Awful awful awful piss poor company that uses its powers to screw people over.  I’d pick tin cans and a string over them any day.  It was worth the $250 to break my contract and get the F away from them.  Do yourself a favour and stay away.

Congratulations to my brother and sister in law as they start a new chapter. What fun!


One response to “April snow storms bring May flowers

  1. Kathy Schaefer

    Bill, think how much pig you could have bought with$250.00! 🍷😩

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