Apparently I didn’t have much to say in February.

Winter seems to be flying by, thankfully.  For all the snow we didn’t get in December and January we seem to have made up for it in February.


Snowmageddon visited Killaloe earlier in the week. We got more than a stupid amount in the course of a few hours.  It made for some interesting shoveling and rediculously high  snowbanks.


It’s hard to really get a good pic of how much snow there is but it’s definitely the most we’ve had in the 3 years I’ve been up here. (Yep -3 years!!) Thankfully a kind neighbour with a plow stopped by and helped out.


Luckily we haven’t had much warm weather and we continue to have lots of days in the minus silly range.


Fun fun.

My ‘eating from the pantry’ experiment continues to go well. Since the end of December I’ve only bought a few things at the grocery store. Some soup and oj when I was sick (o sooooo sick), some broccoli when I had company over and some milk for tea on another occasion of company. I also got eggs from a woman at work who keeps hens. I’ve spent somewhere in the neighbourhood of $25 on groceries this year.


My eating hasn’t seemed to suffer and I still have lots of food in the cupboards. I’m off for a week of sun now (just in time) but I suspect I’ll make it until April or so without going back to a grocery store 🙂

And happy thoughts for ILC as they go through the process of hiring a new Executive Director. It’s a great place with a lots of good things going for it.  Hopefully they can find a strong candidate who can lead them into future.


One response to “Apparently I didn’t have much to say in February.

  1. Mighty cold and talk about snow, OMG. Its not like this in Southern Ontario this year. It was last year! Make that soup hot, your going to need all the heat you can get. The Bishman.

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