A sausage party :)


This morning my friends Bernice and Henry came over to make sausages with me. We’ve been talking about it for a long time and today was finally the day.


Henry grew up in rural Manitoba in the 40’s and has fond memories of eating big platters of Mennonite sausages. After carefully reading the ingredient list a while ago and discovering nitrites and nitrates he decided to pass and figured his sausage days were behind him.  He and Bernice eat a very healthy diet of all natural food and the favour – enhancing preservatives just don’t fit with their lifestyle anymore.


Bernice purchased some pork shoulder from our friends Jackson and Blakeney in Rockingham and I added some from my stash as well. I picked up the hog casings at the local freshmart and we had everything we needed.

We ended up making 3 batches for a total of about 13 pounds.  Some with just garlic.  Some with sage and wine and some it thyme and garlic and wine. With the three of us working it went quickly and we were done and cleaned up in a couple of hours.


I will let them relax and sweat in the fridge for a day and vacuum seal them tomorrow before I freeze them. Based on the big smiles I suspect we’ll do this again.  More adventures to come…


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