Back into renovation mode


The main floor of my house is a little upside down right now. This morning the painter arrived to tackle the living room.  I replaced the front door and all the trim around the windows and doors a couple of weeks ago to match the reno I did in the rest of the house after I moved in. The room was dated looking and drafty with an old wooden door. And despite 2 coats of ceiling paint when I moved in, it still had that gross smoke damaged look to it. By the end of the week it should be all put back together and I can start saving up to update the main floor bathroom (which at least one friend has described as a scary unwelcoming tunnel that would probably scare children:) )


And I continue to knit socks. I’m developing a bit of an obsession with buying funky sock yarn so more to come for sure. So far it’s 4 pairs since Christmas with another pair on the needles. Two socks at once.



Soon I’ll be ready to take on a bigger project – whatever that may be.


3 responses to “Back into renovation mode

  1. Fancy socks 🙂

  2. Hi Bill, great socks. I’ll have to call you Ed the Sock now.

  3. hey Bil, its Dean N. would like to chat with you very soon if possible
    could you send me your phone number? deanis@rogers,com


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