Happy New Year!


A week at home was just the right thing.  I very purposely made almost no plans for the holidays.  My life is planned enough during the rest of the year.

While southern Ontario was getting freezing rain and slush earlier in the week we got snow.  Almost 18″ in Killaloe.  I guess Chris was right. It finally seems like winter.


I got lots accomplished. I knitted a pair of socks for a friend. A new year’s gift I guess.  It’s not likely that she’ll get the chance to read this before she gets them so they will be a surprise.  I have another sock on the needle now and many more planned.


I took some time to organize my stash.  Between yarn for future projects, the stuff left from previous projects, fleece to be dyed and more to be spun my living room was getting taken over. It seems to be organized and prioritized now and I think I have the resolve to avoid getting any more before I’ve made a good dent in the pile.  We’ll see how that turns out.


My friend Steve said that 2-part epoxy and clamps were the way to go to fix my wiggly chairs.   I’ve got a good start on the project and by the end of the week should have them done.  My house is so dry in the winter from the wood stove that my wooden furniture suffers.


And I canned.  Between the 5 turkeys I cooked and the 3 carcasses that were donated I managed to make and can 25 litres of stock.


I also canned 15 jars of beans: 7 litres of navy beans with thyme, garlic , salt and pepper added and 8 700 ml jars of mixed beans with no added flavourings. The mixed beans came from a bag of dried local beans I bought at Rainbow Heritage Farm near Cobden last winter. I’m glad to have finally put them to use. And  I started another batch of fermented hot sauce with peppers I picked up at the Kitchener Market.  They seem to be screaming hot so we’ll see how it works out.


I also did a bit of a purge and took a big load of recycling and whatnot to the dump. I went through about 40 old cooking magazines and tore out the recipes that were of any interest before I put them in the blue box.  Still more to go but I’ve made a good dent. History tells me that I won’t make any of the recipes that I tore out but I did it anyway.


And I cooked lots of comfort food. Over the week I had bbq pork chops,  chicken stir fry, french onion soup, sausage rolls, cabbage soup and chicken pot pie.  And I didn’t have to buy any ingredients 🙂 My goal is to not buy any food for the next while.  I’d like to see how well I can continue to feed myself for as long as possible – maybe until I go away at the beginning of March.

In addition, I saw Star Wars (awesome), watched S3 of Orange, S9 of Doctor Who and S1 of Transparent (really REALLY good), dyed fleece and went snowshoeing in Wilno.

Best vacation in a long time 🙂


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