A new pair of socks

The foot is an oddly shaped body part to make clothes for.


After I finished knitting  the big sweater I needed a smaller project. Seeing all the beautiful socks that Jude had made inspired me so I picked up some Kroy Sock Yarn and a set of 5 bamboo needles.

I’ve only knit one pair of sock before so I’m still trying to figure out a method that works for me. The last pair were heavy work socks and I wear them every chance I get.


The kroy yarn is much finer and blended with nylon to make them durable.  It also self patterns as you knit it.


Using 5 short needles is way too fiddly for my big hands so for the second sock I used a method called magic loop.  Way way easier and I’ll never go back.


I just ordered  a 60″ circular needle in anticipation of learning to knit two socks at once – maybe one inside the other.  It sounds like hocus pocus but it will be cool if I can figure out.


This ball of yarn is up next. It’s 75% merino and 25% nylon in a colourway named tartan from Tanis Fibre Arts.


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