A relaxing weekend at the cottage.


Molly and I spent the weekend at the cottage doing chores, relaxing, and avoiding Halloween candy. I haven’t had one piece of it all season and I consider that a bit of a victory.


Last week was exhausting with evening activities almost every night.   Thankfully I still managed to cook most of my food.  One of my recent strategies is to soak and pressure cook a big batch of beans on the weekend and then figure out how to work them into my meals.  Last weekend’s batch of navy beans became mid-week  baked beans with my own maple syrup and tomato sauce.  They were a welcome treat.


I need to clear leaves off the driveway and from around the cottage.   I was up in time to see this Halloween sunrise and I worked all morning.  I borrowed the neighbour’s tractor which made a huge difference.


It’s the time of year when every day seem like a different season.  Friday night and Saturday were cold.  -5 when I got up.  This morning it was around 8 when I got up and it rose to 14.


Molly decided that a Sunday afternoon nap on the couch was a great idea.


Tonight for dinner back at home I had leftover bbq chicken and baked potato from yesterday with sautéed chard and butternut squash.  Another completely local meal.

This is a BIG week for me.  Thursday is pig day.  More on that later but one of these boys are mine 🙂



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