A change of seasons.


Five days before I took this picture I had what was quite likely my last swim of the year.  The snow didn’t stick around too long but it was certainly a treat getting to see all the fall colours draped in white.


I managed to harvest the last of my  produce – carrots, beets and Jerusalem artichokes. And I planted my garlic – about 120 plants. I haven’t done a good job of putting my main veg garden to bed yet – maybe this weekend. There’s still chard, kale and herbs in the garden and I’m trying to eat them every day. 


Lots of cooking and canning still. A bushel of apples became sauce..


…and a pie


A soup of ginger, miso and mushrooms with rice may have had too much going on in the bowl but it was pretty awesome anyway.


And a couple of variations of Yotam Ottolenghi’s Hummus Kawarma – marinated lamb served with hummus, herbs, almonds and fresh made pita.


Very good.

The fermented hot sauce was a winner for sure. And the pancetta that I started to cure back in May is making it’s way into all sorts of dishes.


It pleases me that I’ve started to add cured meat to the list of things that I preserve at home.  I’m eagerly awaiting my pig butchery day and all that it may bring.  Lots of fun!



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