Catching up


It seems like ages since I’ve posted… harvest season has a way of distracting me.


I’ve been busy canning, pickling and preserving for the past few weeks and my cupboards are absolutely stuffed. I plan to do an inventory to record it all but here’s a quick run-down. About a bushel and a half of tomatoes became canned tomatoes, some became juice for bloody marys :). All types of bones became all types of stock – chicken, turkey,  duck, lamb and pork. I likely have 40 or more jars tucked away. A near-bushel of pears from my friends tree became mostly canned pears. (Thanks Steve!)


Some became tarte tatin and others got pickled. I have a king size jar of wee tomatoes lacto-fermenting away on the counter and 2 different batches of hot sauce and a batch of dilly beans fermenting in the cupboard. In the sunroom there is a crock of sauerkraut transforming into yummy goodness.

Throughout the season I managed to make 4 kinds of jam – rhubarb, strawberry, raspberry and peach. And I pickled a batch of peaches as well as some beets.  And I made my peach habanero hot sauce.

I still have Jerusalem artichokes, carrots and beets in the ground that will need to be dealt with soon and garlic that needs to be planted to start the cycle over again.


I’ve been cooking, hiking and knitting too but those are likely future posts.


2 responses to “Catching up

  1. I have got to come up and visit next summer. All the photos of BB and the surrounding area has made me home sick.

    • Bil Is What He Eats

      You should totally visit. I’ll plan some yummy meals. On Oct 14, 2015 9:27 AM, “You Are What You Eat” wrote:


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