A walk in the woods


One of the many benefits of living in paradise is that I have easy access to so many interesting trails and lakes and rivers to explore. Yesterday after work a friend and I took the dogs out to Basin Lake and High Falls Trail in Algonquin Park – about  45 minutes drive from Killaloe and well worth the drive.


Access to that part of the park is via Turner’s Road off of Round Lake Road in Bonnechere. Of interest to me was that Paugh Lake Road that starts in Barry’s Bay meets up with Turner’s Road.  I’ll need to explore that drive some time.


The trail followed an easy to walk logging trail and after about 35 minutes ended up at High Falls.  They aren’t all that high but they are a nice place to visit.  Back in August I hiked at a different High Falls in a different part of Algonquin and before that Jay and I started our canoe trip a short walk east of yet another High Falls in the park.  I’m sure there are other places in the park that share the name as well.


After a short break we headed back to the car. On the way out of the park we followed a rough little side road to check out Basin Lake. There are apparently 6 camping sites on the lake – 2 of them accessible by foot, close to the parking area and the rest are paddle – in sites.


I think I’ll plan to camp there next summer.


After a quick drink and another run we headed back to Killaloe, noting 2 other interesting places to hike along the way. All in all a pretty good way to end a work day.


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