An unlikely soup and a new hip


My friend had a hip replaced about 10 days ago and is doing remakably well in her recovery.  She’s not up to any gardening chores yet though and this is prime harvest season.

I stopped by after work to harvest and take all her basil before it became compost. I offered to make pesto and bring some back but she wouldn’t hear of it.


When I finally got home I picked over the haul and made loads of pesto.  I’ll gift some and freeze some and likely forget I even have it before it all gets used.  That’s kind of the way with freezer pesto in my experience.


By the time I was ready to cook I was hungry and I needed something quick. I ended up making soup – I guess it was a cross between soup au pistou and Chinese  noodles. A jar of my stock from the cupboard,  some longxu noodles, a poached egg and a big spoonful of pesto stirred through at the end.


With a grating of Asiago on top because it sounded good. Purists of any kind would likely scoff  but was good and on the table in 10 minutes.


And to make dinner even better, I picked 2 cobs of corn from her garden and had them too.  Likely the most local corn I’ve ever eaten. It was small but great 🙂


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