Some very wet camping and a whole lot of fun.


As far as we can remember, the last ‘ILC’ camping trip was in 2004 at the Pinery. A life time ago for sure.  This past weekend we revived the tradition and  7 of us spent the weekend at Sandbanks Provincial Park near Picton. None of us had been there before but it seemed like a good idea.


Friday night was awesome with 7 of us around the fire catching up and cooking spider dogs.  And then the rain started.  And it rained. And rained. And rained.


Thankfully Paul and Jay  strung up lots of tarps to keep the rain off.  The rain let up for a few hours on Saturday afternoon and a few of us made our way to the beach.


I stayed back and got a few lessons in cribbage at the campsite.


Dinner was ribs and corn and baked potatoes.  I’d done most of the prep work at home so it came together pretty easily.  I only got snippy with the sous chef once (sorry Jay!)


After lots more fun and lots more rain we all arrived at Sunday in one piece.  I think I heard someone say “We’re to @#$☆♤ old for this!” but I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean it 🙂


So 2015 turned out to be the year I started camping again after a long hiatus.  A canoe trip in August and a glamping trip in September.  If all goes as planned there’ll be lots more to come – after my stuff dries out~~~

(Many thanks to Dianne who took 4 of the pics in this post.)


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