Local corn


In September 2013, the first summer I lived here, I wrote that I had eaten the best corn of my life. My farmer friend and market pal Joanne had grown it at her place just outside Monteagle Ontario.
I have a pretty high bar for giving out ‘best in my life’ awards and that corn was it.


I’d never had any better before nor any since. I remember the kernels popping in my mouth with an indescribable sweetness.

Today she finally had corn to bring to the market.  I showed up early just in case, not wanting to miss it.


Of course I  cooked a cob as soon as I got home.  And it was excellent. No question the best local corn I’ve had this year.  That said, it hasn’t been a great corn year and it’s not the best of my life.  Those kind of designations are rare.  That’s what makes them special and that’s the joy of eating real local food. You never know when you might get the surprise of a lifetime.



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