A walk in the woods


A friend called the other day to ask if I wanted to go for a hike in Algonquin Park. We decided to head down towards Maynooth to see if we could find a trail that she had a vague memory of from years ago.


We asked staff at the Pine Grove Point camping area and they pointed us in the direction of High Falls Trail a couple of kilometers east of the Kings Cote access point.


The trail cuts through a red pine plantation and then turns to follow the York River.image

There were lots of interesting things to see along the trail and some great vantage points.


I was reminded again how much I want to find a mentor that can teach me how to forage for mushrooms.  The forest is teeming with them and I want to know what I can safely eat.


The falls were great. It continues to fascinate me to think how the water has shaped and carved the rock over time.

After the hike we headed up the road to Kings Cote Lake for a picnic.  Individual fritatas and a bean salad made for a great lunch.


I think next time we’ll explore Basin Lake.


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