Becoming a spinner


I purchased some roving at Madonna House a while back. Roving is fleece from a sheep that has been cleaned and carded and is ready for spinning.


I dyed it using food colouring. Vinegar added to the pot helps to bind the colour to the wool.


Every batch comes out a little differently depending on how the wool absorbs the dye.  The natural gray roving turned rich purples and blues while the off-white roving produced softer lilac and sky blue colours.


Once it dried, I spun a bobbin full of each of the two wools and then plied them together to make  2-ply yarn.



The yarn is far from perfect but it’s passable. This is my first real spinning project.


I’ve got quite a bit of this roving and it’s my hope to spin enough to knit myself a rustic sweater.  That plan may change before I get it all spun up but it really doesn’t matter.  It’s really about the process and the learning.


It’s a very calming way to start the day. It will be a good activity to keep me centred as I head back to work on Monday after a two week summer break.


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