Not Sheppard’s pie and not spaghetti squash. But good food regardless.

The other day there was some ground beef that was destined to be dinner and I had no interest in burgers.


There was still some corn and potatoes from the market and onions, garlic and zucchini from my garden so I decided to make cottage pie. 


People in Canada tend to call it sheppard’s pie but in the UK where it was invented sheppard’s pie is made with sheep (lamb, mutton..)  Cottage pie is made with cow and fish pie is made with fish. For some pretty obvious reasons it’s not referred to as cow pie 🙂  It all makes sense if you think of it. I guess that little piece of common sense got lost on the boat on the way over.


Of course it was served with HP. We all had seconds and then wee spoonfuls out of the serving dish before we left the table.  It was good.

Yesterday I cooked a mystery squash.  It grew in my tomato patch from a seed that was in the compost.  It produced a large winter  squash that looked like a spaghetti squash with white skin. I decided to cook it up. 


It wasn’t ‘stringy’ like spaghetti squash. Very mild and sweet like acorn squash.  I served it with a pasta sauce –    some spicy sausage meat with all manner of veg from my garden, cooked with my second last jar of tomato sauce from last season.  It was a nice little surprise and a way to use up a lot of wee bits in the fridge.

Vacation continues.  Im off to a 50th birthday party today and it’s not even mine!


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