Tamarind Chipotle Ribs and the first local corn


Schwing! 🙂

I was worried on Friday when my farmer friend David told me that he likely wouldn’t have corn for 2 weeks yet. Thankfully the Mayhew’s  brought some to the Combermere market on Saturday.  The variety is called Welcome and it’s a welcome treat after a long wait but truthfully, it was a little young.  Another week until the sugar really develops. image I used an old Chefs School recipe for the ribs that I havent made in ages. I marinated the ribs overnight in lime juice, garlic and chilli flakes. image I slow roasted the ribs for a couple of hours in a covered pan then grilled them, basting with a tamarind chipotle sauce I made. image The one snag was that the recipe called for chipotle in adobo sauce and i didnt bother to check the cupboard because I always have them on hand. I didn’t.  I did have a bag of dried chipotles from the last rime I went to Mi Tienda Latina in Kitchener so I decided to make my own. image I soaked the chillies in  boiling water to soften then blended a few with a jar of my tomato sauce. I simmered the remaining chillies in the sauce along with  vinegar, onions and garlic for a couple of hours then blended it all.  I added a little of my maple syrup to balance out the flavour.  I ended up getting almost a litre of it and I don’t think I’ll ever buy the canned ones again. image Good eating!


One response to “Tamarind Chipotle Ribs and the first local corn

  1. Yes Bil…I just want to come live at your house, work at your place and live by your lake…glorious~~~~ 🙂

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