Reach-back post…sausage rolls.

There have been a few topics that I  always intended to post about but never quite got around to.  This is one of them


Somewhat like knitting socks, I’ve  always been a wee bit intimidated by making my own puff pastry. Back in the early spring I got inspired  to make sausage rolls by Chef Gill Meller and they were awesome!


The process is pretty straightforward but a little finicky.  It  involves making a soft dough, placing butter on it and folding, turning and rolling out several times.  By keeping the dough cold between turns you get many many thin layers of pastry with a layer of butter between each.


For the filling I used good ground pork wirh lots of herbs and garlic.  The breadcrumbs help to keep it moist by absorbing the fat rather than letting it run out when you’re baking it. 


The rest of the process is simple.  Form the filling into a log shape, fold the pastry over and seal with an egg wash, sprinkle with fennel seeds, cut in pieces and bake until done.
When they go into the hot oven, the moisture in the butter turns to steam and puffs up the little layers of pastry you’ve made like magic.


It’s a little bit fiddly but definitely worth the effort.


You can watch a video with the recipe by searching ‘Gill Meller sausage roll’ on YouTube.


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