But it’s a dry heat….not!

No one ever says that about an Ontario summer. We are in the midst of a hot spell.  Temperatures well over 30 as long  as I can remember and forecasts for more of the same all week.


I count my blessings knowing that I work in a cool office and spend most of my evenings by the lake.


Sunday afternoon I had a grand adventure.  My fibre group was invited to tour the fibre facilities at Madonna House in Combermere. Our gracious hosts let us poke around through the large two-story building and see all parts of the process. Anne-Marie talked about building community through spinning.   My thoughts exactly!



She demonstrated her simple process for dyeing and blending fibre to create rich and unique yarns. Apparently the fibre is a by-product of raising sheet to help feed about 150 people a day.  Seeing what they produce, I’d say the meat is the by-product.  I guess its all about perspective. 


The tour was followed by a visit to our good friends Lesley and Peter for a ‘bring a topping’ pizza party.  Peter, a gifted stone mason, built a beautiful wood oven in their yard.  The pictures don’t do it justice by any means.


We each built our own pizza an he expertly slide them off of the peel and into the oven without losing any! Having done that as a job before I  have tremendous respect for his skill.  The oven gets used regularly to roast fair-trade organic coffee beans that he sells at markets around the area.


I had my trusty wheel (that I’ve named Spidey after my favourite superhero who also spins webs) in the car  and I  took the opportunity to spin some of the beautiful merino wool i bought at Marty’s in Haliburton.  It was quite a sight as a dozen of us hung out in the family room spinning and knitting and felting our various projects while we talked about our next adventure.


Meals these days are garden-inspired salads.  Greens, beets, zucchini with whatever else is kicking around.  At lunch today it was left over chicken and for dinner  I added a can of lovely Scottish sardines.


Three more sleeps until vacation and I can hardly wait.


One response to “But it’s a dry heat….not!

  1. Honestly Bil, what a life you have.

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