Getting caught up.

A summer cold dominated my week and interrupted my return to work.  I seem to be on the mend now thankfully.


I had a weekend visitor from Kitchener and we managed to eat pretty well.  Simple food from the market.


Grilled pork  chops.  Chicken cooked on the rotisserie. Lots of potatoes and carrots and beans from the market. And simple salads. The food is so good and so fresh right now that I  really didn’t  do much to it.  It was good just cooked the way it is.


A basil and tapenade tart on puff pastry was a nice happy hour snack.  Makes me think  that I  should be making my own puff pastry again.  Its so much better and really not much work.


Breakfast potatoes with an egg was a nice Sunday breakfast.

This  afternoon I am off on a field trip to Madonna House with with my fibre friends followed by a ‘bring a topping’ pizza party.  I’ve  roasted some wee tomatoes and garlic and tossed them with pesto as my contribution. The individual pizzas will be cooked in my friends wood-fired stone oven. 🙂


I also bumped in to my friend Petr by coincidence.  He’s  in this end of the world visiting friends and our paths crossed by chance.  It’s  nice how rhese things work out.

Happy peaceful thoughts to Jon and Rosemary who have had a few rough weeks. 


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