Today we dyed!


Day 3 of spinning school had us focus on dyeing wool and  other fibres. Using food colour and vinegar, we tried 2 different methods.


In the first instance we added the dye and vinegar to a jar, added the fibre, and set it in the sun all day.

Next we heated a big pot of water to a simmer and added the dye and fibre and let it stew for a while then let it rest.

Nice to putting the cooking skills to work 🙂


Towards the end of the day I had the chance to card and spin some of the blue fleece.  This is the same stuff we started with on Monday that was freshly sheared off a sheep and full of straw and poo. 


It’s only a small sample and it’s full of room for improvement but it is miles ahead of where i was just a few days ago.  Very fun.

And… I bought myself an early birthday present! A gently u

sed Lendrum spinning wheel. Made of Canadian maple, it feels like it was designed just for me.


I envision many years of enjoyment to come.


3 responses to “Today we dyed!

  1. Pictures, we need pictures.

  2. Love the blue color, and the spinning wheel is really nice. Does this mean you’ll be getting cats next?

  3. That’s awesome.

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