Market Day


The market stalls are filling up.

This morning I went to the Combermere market first.  I got the first local potatoes of the year from the Mayhews. I also got a zucchini and some broccoli!


I picked up some beautiful radishes from Nadia and Rhett.  There was actually a long line up at their stall.  They grow some of the most beautiful tastey greens in the valley.  It’s  great to see a line up at the market for something other than sticky buns and donuts.


After Combermere I went home to pick a few things up and harvested  garlic scapes, chard, peas and a big fat bulb of garlic from my garden.  Despite my current infestation of leek moths, the garlic seems t be growing well.

At the Killaloe market I  bought pepperoni from Linda and had some of their  amazing peameal bacon on a bun.

This is the beginning of a week off.  I’m  headed to Haliburton Schooĺ of the Arts to take a week long course in spinning wool. Lots of fun ahead for sure!


One response to “Market Day

  1. Dad and I just got back from the market in Penticton. We’re out here visiting Richard Hunt

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