NOT Ma Po Dou Fu

But something pretty close.


Essentially  this is the same as the Ma Po Dou Fu recipe  from a couple of weeks ago but instead of ground pig I used diced eggplant.  I sauteed the eggplant until golden and fully cooked, added fermented black beans, green chilis and ground Sichuan pepper. Then I added a tub of soft tofu, lots  of black bean chili paste, and some water and simmered it while the  rice cooked.


Total umami goodness.

Today I bought 180 square feet of professional grade landscape fabric.  Its the same stuff my neighbours have used to kill grass for all theor gardens.  I plan to use it to expand my veg garden for next year.   If I lay it on the grass now I’ll  be able to till it in the fall and plant in the spring.


And that was lunch.  Duck egg salad with my greens on a bagel.


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