Taco Night


My  thoughts exactly! That was my first  trip to the market in Lakefield and I showed up just as market was wrapping up.

I got my first  strawberries of the season and they were worth the wait. So good. I hope to pick up a couple of flats soon to eat and preserve.
On Sunday I went to my first Jays game in  37 years to help my sister and brother-in-law celebrate their retirement. The game was lots of fun and connecting with family was good. Lots of excitement as the game was tied at 9-9 for much of the time.


Dinner today was one of those that came together as I cooked.  I didn’t quite know where I was going when I  started cooking but it turned into tacos. Corn tortillas with  lettuce from my garden topped with hard-cooked duck eggs, grated cheese and some of the last drops of my hot sauce feom last year.  I’m  pleased that its lasted this long but not sure what I’m  going to use as a substitute until the peppers are ripe in August and I  can make a new batch. I added slices of crispy bacon that I sliced on my new meat slicer. I’ve  been searching for a slicer for some time and this one made it into  my kitchen after some friends smuggled over the boarder and gifted it to me 🙂



One response to “Taco Night

  1. I’m thinking the smugglers, Irene and Wendy, would like this blog. I’ll try to hook them up.

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