The pantry, the garden and the neighbours. I LOVE Killaloe!


The focus these days seems to be using up the food in my pantry. Things I’ve canned and stored away.

I’ve  been doing well at it.  My stores are  dwindling just as my garden is starting to produce a new round of food.


I made a pot of soup for dinner tonight.  Home-canned beans and stock with the last of the frozen tomatoes, some Killaloe garlic, a wee bit of frozen ground pig from when I made sausages and a scraggly carrot  the fridge.


I stepped out back to pick greens to make a salad and from the other side of the hedge I  heard my neighbour say to her friend “we should invite Bil over for a glass of wine.” Who am I   to argue.


The soup tastes even better now, 2 hours later 🙂


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