Ever closer


A bowl of greens, fresh cut from my garden.  Mixed baby lettuce, chard, kale, pea shoots, basil, and sage.


Turned into dinner with mostly local bits and pieces from my fridge including eggs from 2 different locals and spinach from Joanne. I made a quick vinaigrette with some of my preserved lemons and my grainy mustard and ate it with chopsticks that my friend Blake carved with wood from a tree on her farm near Rockingham out of a bowl my friend Christina from Kitchener made :).  I’m getting ever closer to a completely local meal but this one does contain radishes and mushrooms from the store.


One of my experiments this year is to grow potatoes in bags.  The 2 in the centre are potato grow bags from the store, on the left im trying to grow in an old burlap sac and on the right in a laundry basket that my friend scavenged from the dump. The  idea it that as the plants grow, I’ll roll up more of the bags and add more soil to cover the plants. 



They sprouted today about 5  days after planting and are full of promise. 

And a friend of mine told me today that she is going to try her hand at raising some meat chickens – first time since she was a kid. I may have talked her into letting me invest in some of the birds up front and then participating in killing and dressing them when the time comes. How cool is that!


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