Happy New Year!

This is the day I’ve  been waiting for all year. It’s  opening day of the Combermere Farmers Market.


I arrived at 8:05 and I was the very first customer.  I won’t judge other people for showing up late. It just means I  got to pick the best of the best.

This year, Jon is slow roasting fair-trade organic coffee that he sources from Mexico and roasts in an outdoor propane convection oven at his farm south of Wilno.


He and his family are doing well. He lost quite a bit in the hard freeze a couple of weeks ago. Even some of his garlic which can pretty much withstand anything.  He has taken over the coordinator role at the Barry’s Bay Market and has lots of plans to grow it with many new vendors signing up.


I got spinach from Joanne.  The leaves are so big it reminds me of the giant vegetable episode of Gilligan’s Island. Her husband is semi retired now so she is able to do both markets. Sadly she can’t sell her wonderful eggs at the market anymore because of ridiculous rules that favour grocery stores over farmers. Farmers are allowed to sell eggs on their farm but not at the market.  If there was a legitimate  health concern, logic would have it that they shouldn’t be allowed to sell them at all. Clearly then its a policy aimed at prortecting market share for factory egg farms disguised as public health policy.  Luckily there are enough people around keeping hens so it’s  pretty easy to get real eggs directly from a farm.  If you happen to see an “EGGS FOR SALE” sign at the end of a driveway some time, do yourself a favour and treat yourself.  You’ll  taste the difference and might never go back to those factory things with the little pink stamp on them! (I had no idea that this post would be an egg rant :))

The Mayhews made it through the winter.  No produce yet but a jar of pickled asparagus spoke to me.


And a bag of mixed greens from Cheryl along with a breakfast bagel.  And a bacon puff thing from another vendor because i hate to leave anyone out and she raises the pigs herself.

All in all a great morning. A day of garden chores ahead and my first bartending shift at the Lions Hall this evening. And hopefully a nap.


One response to “Happy New Year!

  1. My CSA starts on the 16th, can’t wait. More pic of the cottage so I can imagine myself there with you.

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