The gardens are all planted…. and welcome back.

In my home gardens I have garlic peas radishes onions lettuce chard kale beets carrots squash tomatoes potatoes asparagus sage thyme basil parsley rosemary raspberries and pears.  Or at least the promise of it all. And plums sort of. Plus in have apples sour cherries hazelnuts and black currants that all survived the winter and  are firmly in to year 2. Abundance!

Tonight I  planted 7 raised 4 x 4 beds behind  the seniors friendship  club  with lettuce beets carrots beans onions radishes kale cucumbers tomatoes basil chives rosemary hot peppers parsley and tomatoes.  I also planted a 12 X 12 bed of various squash. 

I’ve marked out where I will expand the garden for next year.  I plan to triple the space I  currently have at home for next season. 

I think I’m going to try to start posting here again.  Let me know if you still get this.


4 responses to “The gardens are all planted…. and welcome back.

  1. I got it. I’m exhausted reading it.

  2. Hi Bill, this showed up on my email. Man, what a vegetable list, I can’t wait for some soup.

  3. Chevy’s reading it now

  4. Hi Bil – That is Fabulous!

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