Almost there

The bathroom reno is almost done. Two bumps in the road today mean that it likely won’t be done done until at least Friday. Maybe next week. Ah well. A good opportunity to practice patience – and I need all the practice I can get.

I’m waiting on the tile to be installed. It would have started this morning had the store not shipped a mix-and-match selection of tiles. Grr.  And i’m waiting on the plumbing and electric hookups. They will happen in good time.


We are in full on market season now. I got to go to Barry’s Bay on Friday, and Combermere and Killaloe on Saturday. Not quite an abundance of produce yet but the things that are there are SPECIAL. And so very welcome after a long long winter.

Dinner tonight is a salad. David’s kale and tomatoes. Jerry’s lettuce. Cucumbers from the new vendors that live on Griffith Wagner Road – I will learn their name. Sprouts from me. And after a long absence, eggs from Joanne.


Joanne had taken a break from egg farming over the winter while she dealt with aging family members. She’s back in full force. Thankfully.

I topped it with a preserved lemon vinaigrette. Very satisfying and very ‘spring’.

Thoughts and prayers for Wes, Nolan and the rest of their family while they cross a difficult road. And birthday wishes for Omar, Tom and Richard.


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