If you seek it out, you can get lots of gardening advice. Some say not until after the new moon. Some say watch for the forecast of frost. Others say first of June. I chose to follow the advice of my neighbour and I planted my vegetable garden this morning. Many kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of beets, carrots, kale, basil, patty pan squash and some acorn squash. The acorn’s called ‘Celebration’. A fitting name for my first Killaloe garden.  I still have onion seedlings to plant and some more herbs. My neighbours advice was simple – plant when you have the time and the seeds will figure out when to grow.

After all that I went to the park to help weed gardens and plant a tree. A couple of hours of community seemed like the right thing to do.


And now I’m sitting on the deck at the cottage, warming up after my first swim of the year. May 24 – a full 18 days later than last year. An afternoon of cottage chores will be followed by my first asparagus feed of the year. I bought the asparagus at Grandma’s and it was grown by Cheryl and Frank. I can hardly wait. I bought pounds of it.

My life has changed in ways that I haven’t even discovered yet. What a brilliant move!


Molly agrees.


One response to “Firsts

  1. Kathy Schaefer

    Steve and I already knew you were hard at it in the garden today because you ass dialled Steve three times and Steve said, “it sounds like Bill’s planting a garden!”

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